by Copperfield

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Released and distributed by Blind Eye Records and GBS Records.
BER-002 / GBS-009


released November 11, 2013

produced by Copperfield
recorded (instruments) by Yannick St-Amand at Northern Studio
recorded (vocals) by Francis Beaulieu at Franxound Studio
mixed by Yannick St-Amand at Northern Studio
mastered by Jef Fortin at Badass Studio
all music by Copperfield, lyrics by David Lavictoire
gang vocals by Copperfield and Mathieu Lavictoire
Copperfield Rouyn-Noranda, Québec / © MMXIII




Copperfield Rouyn Noranda, Québec

Christian Poulin|Drums
David Lavictoire|Vocals
Francis C. Beaulieu|Guitar
Jean-Benoit Lefebvre|Bass
Simon Descôteaux|Guitar

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Track Name: Ouverture
Track Name: Edmund
washed up on golden dreams
edmund thought all along
like a last farewell trip
he'd dig for his own swan song

looking for the glory and shine
lasting traces were left behind
wandering from rivers to lakes
there was more than the gold at stake

and even though they thought you mad
you never stopped, you've never quit

i know there's something up there
i'm telling you
i felt it in my bones, it was like coming home

through all the effort, was it all just for gold
through all the effort, was it all just lust for gold

revved up on golden dreams edmund thought all along
i have to get up there, i know there's something more

and even though they called you mad
you had to try one last time
and even though you were told to quit
you came back

would've you believed it would last so long

a hundred years and still counting
Track Name: Cu + Au
it's in the water
it's in the air
it's what we're made of

it's in the water
and it's in the air
it's in our blood
Track Name: Pioneers
1926, in the middle of nowhere
with fuck all but promises bought the hard way
leaving behind the few they had
in hope of better days ahead

but daddy.. there's nothing here
but desolate fields and a train track
and I'm sick of that drawer strapped to my back

i know, but listen to me son
this nothing could be every thing

my son, this "nothing" as you say
is a kingdom to build

this is our chance to start from scratch

we're going to build what has to be built
and we're going to dig what has to be dug
but i refuse to let go and die like a dog

i refuse to let go
i refuse to just survive

1926, somewhere up in the north
with fuck all but heart
looking forward, never turning back
knowing the going will be tough
Track Name: J.H.
i watched them both grow side by side
witnessed every move, captured the progress

the blooming first steps of a city
the company town and worker squats

all-seeing eye somewhere in time
from daily grind to milestones

bridging the gaps from future to past
citizens once settlers and pioneers

here's a tribute to the life and times
a tangible proof through lens and film

feel the pulse of two cities
beating in sync, becoming one

feel the pulse, twin cities
building up as one

pictures worth a thousand words
of people with stories to tell

pictures worth a thousand stories
of people with lives to be told

i watched them both grow side by side
witnessed every move, captured the progress

the blooming first steps of a city
the company town and worker squats

so came the day i passed it on
this family tree

revealed and stopped, fixed in time
captured the memories
all the moments gone

Track Name: Lev
we were born in a country still foreign to our caring mothers

into the wild, in a land of promises
unexpecting all the months in the cold

when the growing seasons are just not long enough
dreaming of sky blue and wheat gold
missing home

winter whites and pitch black nights
long miserable days

fading dreams of blue and gold
still missing home

lost children
will we find ourselves

like orphans mourning the motherland
stateless, citizens the world

forgotten, forsaken
we are the lost

saved from war but given hunger
the great depression coming over

a casualty of the economy
sheptetski, the lost colony


we are but ashes
we are but dust
we are but words

eroded tombstones, unaware
lost in time

eroding in ages
Track Name: Mackinaw
with winter 'round the corner
we'd head up to the logging camps
it paid good money, to provide the family
long weeks and hard shifts, working hard to forget

punch in at the office, grab your gear and some slacks
report to the foreman, meet you in front of the shacks

log cabins and bunks
camp life was one hell of a run

stuffed with pork and beans to make it through the day
many drank themselves to sleep not to think of the ones away

tall tales and chum fights playing cards with the boys
gambling upper bunks and chores every saturday night

put on your "mack", grab some bread and lard
no going back to camp until you're sore and damp

today we blaze the trail, this one's goin' be hard
put on your "mack", eat your bread and lard

falling trees and rolling logs
shut up boy (kid), now pull and tug

back to the camp, small talk with the cookees
sneak into the kitchen, come on boys, eat and leave

alright boss, settle up with the office and send the balance home

and when spring comes again we'll hit the road, in hope...

no one's missing back home

i miss home
Track Name: Monuments
once upon a time in a place where nothing was impossible
faith only was not enough to move mountains

daydreamers, hard workers
all lured by gold and rust

digging, building
all hopes couldn't go up in dust

anchored in this solid rock
something to build on

remember a hundred years ago
there was nothing

these city streets still wear the scars
of the boomtown built in the hurry of a gold rush

day by day, stone by stone
this piece of land is a legacy

remember, a hundred years from now
despite all the progress
despite all the monuments

this was all made from scratch
many lived and died along the way
all the sacrifices, never to let go

and if faith will move mountains
i guess we're proud enough to break through

carry on this legacy
never to let go (never to let go)

our home is where we carved our hearts into the stone

anchored in this solid rock
something to build on
Track Name: To Live and Die Underground
sound the alarm for the whole town to know
we lost another man (we lost another man)

send his wife her Easter ham
and a condolence letter

in your finest print make sure you use the company's letterhead

and can you tell his eldest son
we got a job for him down there
grab a helmet, pack your lunch
punch in and let the lights go out

tomorrow morning you're going down the hole (kid)

to live and die underground

day in day out
black lungs and broken bones
dynamite, picks and shovels
to the sound of sad work songs

that's the sound of the men working on the chain gang


sound the alarm for the whole town to know
we lost another man (we lost another man)

send his mother a christmas card
and a wreath of flowers

and could you tell his youngest brother
we got a job for him

like father, like son (and) from brother to brother
that's how it was for generations
in search of copper and gold