from by Copperfield



once upon a time in a place where nothing was impossible
faith only was not enough to move mountains

daydreamers, hard workers
all lured by gold and rust

digging, building
all hopes couldn't go up in dust

anchored in this solid rock
something to build on

remember a hundred years ago
there was nothing

these city streets still wear the scars
of the boomtown built in the hurry of a gold rush

day by day, stone by stone
this piece of land is a legacy

remember, a hundred years from now
despite all the progress
despite all the monuments

this was all made from scratch
many lived and died along the way
all the sacrifices, never to let go

and if faith will move mountains
i guess we're proud enough to break through

carry on this legacy
never to let go (never to let go)

our home is where we carved our hearts into the stone

anchored in this solid rock
something to build on


from Monuments, released November 11, 2013




Copperfield Rouyn Noranda, Québec

Christian Poulin|Drums
David Lavictoire|Vocals
Francis C. Beaulieu|Guitar
Jean-Benoit Lefebvre|Bass
Simon Descôteaux|Guitar

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