from by Copperfield



with winter 'round the corner
we'd head up to the logging camps
it paid good money, to provide the family
long weeks and hard shifts, working hard to forget

punch in at the office, grab your gear and some slacks
report to the foreman, meet you in front of the shacks

log cabins and bunks
camp life was one hell of a run

stuffed with pork and beans to make it through the day
many drank themselves to sleep not to think of the ones away

tall tales and chum fights playing cards with the boys
gambling upper bunks and chores every saturday night

put on your "mack", grab some bread and lard
no going back to camp until you're sore and damp

today we blaze the trail, this one's goin' be hard
put on your "mack", eat your bread and lard

falling trees and rolling logs
shut up boy (kid), now pull and tug

back to the camp, small talk with the cookees
sneak into the kitchen, come on boys, eat and leave

alright boss, settle up with the office and send the balance home

and when spring comes again we'll hit the road, in hope...

no one's missing back home

i miss home


from Monuments, released November 11, 2013




Copperfield Rouyn Noranda, Québec

Christian Poulin|Drums
David Lavictoire|Vocals
Francis C. Beaulieu|Guitar
Jean-Benoit Lefebvre|Bass
Simon Descôteaux|Guitar

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